One thought on “How Great I Am.

  1. When I listen to the introduction of this video clip, before the many short movie/speech motivational clips starting 1:02 , when he’s speaking about how the universe is inside of us and not the other way around, I agree completely. I agree because it makes sense, and its true. The atoms that made us up did come from the universe and the stars. This video should make others wake up and see the reality of how great they can become. I woke up about 4 years ago. Because I wanted to become someone with a high education and have a good paying job, because there’s a lot more to life than being stuck on a reserve. Now 4 years later, Im on what could be my very last year of high school. All because I woke up. Im now at a point where Im choosing what I want to be in life, literally. because Im choosing programs for college. The two thing I would add to this video is my own success, and the title to be “Wake up” .

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