One thought on “Computers in English class? No way!?!

  1. Speaking about my personal experiences of using computers in my ENG3C classes, it’s pretty neat. I chose a laptop to use everyday in the beginning of the semester, so I can use the laptop to my full advantage. Before I choose one though, I made sure it wasn’t being used by anyone else.After that, I used the laptop for as much work as I could think of. I used it for unrelated english subjects when I needed to write up a printed page, I even set up reminders on very specific times and dates so I can be reminded about important personal errands, but that was only once or twice.
    To use the laptop in general though, was very helpful. It helped me out when I ran out of ideas for subjects, it thought me more computer skills for future tasks or assignments, and I even customized my backgrounds to give me a push mentally to step my work ethics when I was accessing the laptop. The only downside for me using the laptops in ENG3C was the internet connection, but it wasn’t always constantly frustrating me. But sometimes it did, like this one time I always extremely busy and had a strict deadline for my other courses and I needed to type up a few things and do a lot of research, the internet connection was slow, then the power cutted out. It was frustrating , but it taught me to make my deadlines and use my time more efficient.

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