Rise up, rise up.

Technology integration is on the rise at Wasse-Abin High School this semester. Mr. Baumgarten’s TGJ3M class has a new blog that will feature their work in digital photography. Ms. Black’s ENG2L class has a class blog. You can check it out here. Of course, ENG2D and 2P, have this class blog, but we also have our individual blogs, and we are using Twitter and other web 2.0 tools in our learning. And Wasse-Abin has a new school blog that is almost ready for launch. I am looking for bloggers and editors to help flesh out the site, so if you are interested, please speak to me or use the Contact Us page or Tweet me @msbalen. It’s time we all become more savvy with our use of technology, especially in our learning!

┬áThis is where I am headed…

image by Bill Ferriter @plugusin

One thought on “Rise up, rise up.

  1. So exciting that tech integration is on the rise! I love the list from Bill Ferriter; I wish more educators saw the importance of integration. More integration is on the rise at my school, as well. My other ENG3U co-teachers are trying out blogging this semester. Another history teacher and I have created a cross-class Twitter activity, where students tweet in role, as a way to delve into historical perspective and empathy.

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