Reflection #2

6 thoughts on “Reflection #2

  1. Unit one was actually interesting. Learning about different things in stories. I learned that there are other ways in telling stories. As throughout the unit, there was more to learn about stories. It definitely was a challenge for me. Also I was able to give my thoughts in with this unit. Not my usual thing to do, but I gave my knowledge to my peers within this unit. I’ll be sure able to contribute more of my ideas throughout this course.

    • At the beginning of the unit, I know that many of us were thinking, “Storytelling? I know about this. Why are we talking about it in grade 10?”

      Building new knowledge from what we already think we know makes for great learning opportunities, including providing the space to allow ourselves to approach the learning in new ways–just like you did!

      Thank you for your feedback.

  2. Unit one was okay. I don’t mean to sounds rude or nothing but it didn’t find it all the interesting. It’s just not the kind of stuff that gets me excited, but I stilled learned about dragons and monsters doing my ‘world storytelling day project’. So there’s something good about it. Lol

    • You’re not being rude Amber. Your feedback to me is important. Dragons and Monsters was this year’s theme for World Storytelling Day. We actually explored the idea that storytelling is an essential part of being human regardless of theme, genre, time period, or culture. Next, we will explore the power of storytelling to enact change.

      I am happy to hear you have completed your World Storytelling Day Project. Be sure to send/share it with me. What tool did you use?

      Finally, please remember to copy your comments into your Comment Document, so that we can easily find them.

  3. Unit one wasn’t too bad, I learned about the actual importance of storytelling, things that I never really knew about storytelling, I had known that people had always told stories but I never thought of it as to the extent?? that we learned. I learned how when your telling a story your connecting to the audience and that, and that little fact reminds me of when I’m telling stories about what happened throughout my day and that to my mom or someone and how I often tend to tell it in ALOT of detail because of how I think like “its a story its supposed to have detail!!” which is apparently mostly just good for in books :/ but basically to sum it up a bit I would say that I learned quite a bit 🙂

    • It’s true that when we know about a topic, we can let ourselves believe that we know everything about that topic. By keeping ourselves open to new ideas, especially on topics we know something about, we stretch ourselves. I think this is growth mindset.

      In our inquiries (that we will start in seriousness on Monday), we will explore the power of stories to change the world. I am eager to find out what you will choose to inquire about and what you will learn!

      Thanks for your feedback.

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