Are you kidding? National Poetry Month? There’s such a thing?

Oh ya.

There is such a thing, and it has begun.


Refrigerator Door Poem Stonehenge
Photo Credit: Jackie via Compfight

Unbeknownst to you, National Poetry Month started April 1st! Our remixing of poetry today was right on schedule. And what fun we are having creating ‘new’ poems from existing poetry and then extending the meaning of the poems through illustrations, fonts, spacing, and paper and colour choices.

We are not done with making poetry…not yet.

In the meantime, you might want to check out some pretty cool poetry sites. First up is actually a how-to on formatting your poetry in your blog. I love these pointers.

Another great site to check out is The Teen Writers and Artists Project. The first poem posted is a really poignant, and to the point.

Check it out and leave your thoughts in the comment section below.



10 thoughts on “Are you kidding? National Poetry Month? There’s such a thing?

    • I subscribe to News and that is where the formatting tips come from. If only there was enough time to explore all the things that come our way!

    • Thanks for this resource. As I have just returned to the classroom this year, I am always looking for new resources.

  1. I like that picture you had with this post, and I love how you give the website link to remix poems, very helpful.

    • It’s the best part of participating in online learning. Instead of just one person searching the web and finding great sites, we can all do it and then share.

  2. Poetry month. It’s a pretty interesting topic, considering that I’m not too fond about poetry. As we got into the idea of poetry, it became as a more interesting topic. It was easy to catch on how to write differently of poetry. Remix poetry was a whole new idea, I never thought of using different parts of a book and making it into a poem. All in all, poems are very interesting, and I’m excited to find out more about poems later on. Thanks Ms. Balen.

    • I know, who would ever think about something like remixing poetry to write your own! I can’t wait to show off our blackout poetry on Parent’s Night.

      We will come back to poetry again this term, I hope. Poetry really forces us to distill our ideas (think of my funnel!) and to be so careful, so choosy about our words. Great for synthesizing our thinking.

  3. I never would have thought that there was a month dedicated to poetry!!! I’m not really big on poetry and I might have hard times writing them from my brain on my own but the remix poem we did wasn’t even very hard, I actually enjoyed it. I did have lots of lines that I liked selected and ones I had wanted to use but in the end I think that it didn’t turn out too bad. Thank you for teaching me this I really enjoy it 🙂

    • Remixing poetry does eliminate staring at a blank page, doesn’t it? I think we need to try remixing again with poems with themes that match our inquiry: How can stories help change the world? You each will be choosing topics and creating your own driving questions on your topics, so everyone would need unique poems to match their topic. What a great way to synthesize the learning that we will do in our inquiries.

      Thanks Anita. This conversation really did get me thinking!

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