November 3, 2013

Blogging in ENG3C

And finally, ENG3C begins to blog!

We know that writing is a way to sort out our thinking on big ideas. Blogging gets us writing in a slightly more informal manner than say essays and definitely more frequently.

And yet, some of you may be unconvinced by my thinking. “Really? Do I have to blog?”

Here are a couple of posts that might help you reconsider your initial resistance:

5 Reasons Your Students Should Blog

Go Teen Writers and the comments are really good too!

Here is the plan:

1. Write one blog every week. Class time for this writing will be scheduled for Friday. If you are not in class on Fridays, then you will have assigned yourself blogging homework. Of course, you are encouraged to blog outside of school too! You will write 10 posts in total this semester.

2. Comment on your classmates posts frequently. We all enjoy receiving feedback on our thinking, and the feedback is what helps grow our thinking. You will write a minimum of 10 comments.

3. Rubrics for both posting and commenting are linked below. Please read them.

Happy Blogging!!!